• Centipede

    Introduced by seed from China in 1919, Centipede is a turfgrass that is medium in texture with a pale to medium green color. This slow-growing but highly-aggressive grass is reliable to produce a good, dense, relatively weed-free turf at low maintenance levels.

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  • Emerald Zoysia

    Emerald Zoysia is known as a warm-season turfgrass. Its dark, green color, resistance to disease, and softness make it an excellent turf choice for home, commercial, sport and golf applications. Visually, Emerald Zoysia is an extremely attractive turfgrass for any landscaping job. Homeowners and property managers also appreciate its easy maintenance and environmental and cost-saving advantages.

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  • Empire Zoysia

    Empire turfgrass is a zoysia grass that is versatile and easy to maintain. With an ability to grow in a variety of soil and climate conditions, this turfgrass is a favorite among specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sports turf managers, and homeowners.

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  • Innovation Zoysia

    Innovation is a versatile zoysia grass. This hardy & attractive turfgrass has a huge advantage over other zoysia varieties due to its extreme cold tolerance and disease resistance. It is an excellent choice for users in the transition zone. Fast growing Innovation is a very dark green, medium to fine blade zoysia. It is shade tolerant & easy to maintain. It is an ideal turf not just for golf courses but for home lawns as well due to its durability, drought tolerance and beauty.  The name says it all, it is truly an Innovation.

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  • Palmetto St. Augustine

    Palmetto St. Augustine is a low maintenance turfgrass with a beautiful dark green color. This turfgrass presents superior tolerance to shade, cold, frost, heat and drought. Due to its versatility, Palmetto is used across the southern United States and is tolerant to a wide range of climate and soil conditions.

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  • Tifway 419 Bermuda

    A standard since the mid 1960’s, Tifway 419 Bermuda is a hybrid bermuda grass, popular in high-traffic areas. With a medium-fine texture, this turfgrass has a dark green color and a high wear tolerance. This variety is a vigorous grower and thus establishes quickly at planting.

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Harvest Time

We offer fast turnaround times to ensure that our sod arrives healthy, straight-from-the-farm, offloaded at your site within hours of harvest, guaranteeing you an extremely fresh product.