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At Sodmasters Turf Farm, we provide professionals and homeowners with a superior line of turfgrasses to fit even the most specific types of landscaping projects. Our mission is to provide outstanding and unsurpassed service, that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

Professional Tips

I have to admit, I’m not a detail person. I’ve never been one to notice if my yard has been mowed or not. My brain is hard-wired to lose itself in a good book or in research. I’m constantly curious and learning. It’s a quality that frustrated my mother when I was growing up. She’d… Read more »

Three Tips for Happy Dirt I have to admit, before working at SodMasters I didn’t know a whole lot about the science behind healthy sod. I was amazed to learn from our on-staff Agronomist, Kenny Neel, how everything from salt to nitrites in the soil can affect the health and color of a lawn. Healthy… Read more »