sod maintenance

Sod Maintenance

As the seasons change, so do the weather and soil conditions around your home. Every season and sod type requires a different approach to maintenance. Still, there are certain actions…

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how do i install sod

How Do I Install Sod?

You have selected the right sod type for your home and are ready to get started on the installation process. Ensure a successful and hassle-free installation by following these steps:…

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health benefits of grass

Sodmasters Turf – Good For Your Health?

I have to admit, I’m not a detail person. I’ve never been one to notice if my yard has been mowed or not. My brain is hard-wired to lose itself…

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The Value of Soil Health

Happy Dirt, The Value of Soil Health

Three Tips for Happy Dirt I have to admit, before working at Sodmasters I didn’t know a whole lot about the science behind soil health. I was amazed to learn…

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healthy soil

Go Get Dirty: Why Healthy Soil is Good For You

Well, the March showers that bring April flowers has brought a lot more this year with CoVid19. We hope that you all avoid this deadly virus, and while you are…

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The Benefits of Aerification for Your Home Lawn

Green grass is imminent, and if you are up to date on our agronomic recommendations, there will be no need to seek “the greener grass on the other side.” By…

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Spring Green-up

Getting Ahead for Spring Green-up

It’s that time of year that we start thinking about Spring Green up and what pre-emergents are we considering using. Hopefully everyone has gotten their Lime out from my last…

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Treat Your Lawn in the Winter

Time for the Lime, Why to Treat Your Lawn in the Winter

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got to enjoy the Holidays with loved ones. I really hope everyone was able to get those mower blades…

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winter sod tips

Winter Sod Tips, Lawnmower Maintenance

Your mower can affect the health of your grass! Yes, you read this correctly. Grass ripped, torn and shredded by a mower will stress the plant which leads to reduced…

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Puttting in a Backyard Putting Green

 Pick out the area of your yard where you want your green, choose an open area, keeping in mind the amount of sun and shade. A sunny spot works best.…

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