As the seasons change, so do the weather and soil conditions around your home. Every season and sod type requires a different approach to maintenance. Still, there are certain actions that should always take place to ensure your lawn is green and healthy.

Basic Maintenance: There are certain steps you can take to properly care for your lawn without spending too much time and resources.

  • Mowing your lawn at the appropriate height will help your grass grow even and stronger.
  • Watering your lawn will help improve the quality of your grass. Ensuring that there is water uniformity as you water your lawn will lead to a more even growth.
  • Fertilizing your lawn to ensure your grass receives the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and encourage leaf and root growth.

Advanced Maintenance: Outside of the basic maintenance steps to care for your grass, there are more advanced ways of maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • Overseeding may be necessary if your lawn is developing bare areas or when grass density is low.
  • Topdressing can be helpful when you need a smoother lawn surface or need to reduce thatch buildup.
  • Aeration is a beneficial maintenance step to help air, water, and nutrients move into the soil so that it reaches the grass roots. This helps reduce soil compaction and thatch.
  • Dethatching is necessary when too much thatch is present between the soil and the green vegetation.