Your mower can affect the health of your grass! Yes, you read this correctly. Grass ripped, torn and shredded by a mower will stress the plant which leads to reduced health allowing insects, drought, heat and other factors to have detrimental effects on your lawn. To insure a beautiful looking lawn, we recommend you service mowers and sharpen or replace the blades for a clean cut. Winter is an ideal time to have a professional inspect and service your mower. You are sure to notice the benefits of cleanly cut grass which aids in preventing lawn discoloration and dead spots. Continue monitoring mower performance throughout the year by examining cuts, looking closely for jagged edges which would indicate damage from dull mower blades.

Cold winter temperatures cause grass to redirect energy to the roots resulting in weak and brittle blades which are highly susceptible to damage. Avoid heavy traffic on the lawn, especially during morning frost.
Lawns can easily be over-watered during the winter, so let mother nature do the watering for you.

Remove organic debris such as leaves, fallen tree branches and excess mulch. Leaving too much debris on your lawn can lead to bacteria and disease, suffocating your grass.

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